Profiles Salon is a quiet boutique with incredibly high standards. We deliver superb customer care with extensive knowledge of client satisfaction to provide a five star experience.

Superb training and education transforms hairdressers from professionals to unique experts – to deliver a truly distinctive client experience.

About La Biosthetique

All La Biosthetique products are dermatologically tested in the best European laboratories; the prescriptive ranges directly address hair and skin problems with pure, effective and powerful natural ingredients.

Like many fashion trends La Biosthetique was born in Paris and the links to seasonal inspirations remain strong, with a NEW release of colour, make-up and hair collections every season.

Profiles Hair Salon Redditch

About Emily Banham – Owner & Director

Emily Banham - Owner & DirectorFrom always wanting to be hairdresser as a little girl, my father got me a Saturday job in a salon local to myself at the age of 13. Loving the job, I never wanted to be anything else.

My career started as soon as I left school, qualifying in my NVQ 1,2 and 3. My dream was always to have my own business.

Moving from a few salons gaining experience in each individual business, I got disheartened of working for someone else, then desired to go alone, and set up on my own! It was the most scariest career move I’ve ever made, as sometimes in life you always doubt your ability. It was only a very small salon because my fear was having debt around me, and I could cover my overheads if anything were to go wrong.

Then Profiles was alive– my baby before having children. I can honestly say it was the best career move I’ve ever made. One thing that Profiles made me realise is that you should always believe in yourself and what you do!

Now after having the business and knowledge that comes with getting older, my path has taken me to another direction, I’m now studying to become a Trichologist.

Now people ask me all the time, what is a trichologist?

Trichology is the science of the structure and diseases of the human hair and associated scalp problems.

Hair loss is where I feel my path is directing me.